Promoting Change Through Collaboration

  The Instructor, Consultant, Client Collaboration: A look inside a session                 Graham Cunningham, PGA Professional, and I began working together last winter, and have recently developed a teaching model that is a collaboration between instructor (Graham), consultant (myself), and our client.  Graham is a skilled teacher, and understands his students, their needs, […]

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Bridging the Gap: Bringing Technology to the Course – Part II

A Teaching Professional’s Perspective on the Current State of Technology and Teaching As we continue to explore the idea of a collaborative teaching model including consultant and teaching professional, I wanted to now include the teaching professional’s perspective on the new challenges instructors may face with the influx of technology. The following was written by […]

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Bridging the Gap: Taking Technology to the Course-Part 1

Introduction to the Problem: It’s a very exciting time to be teaching the game of golf. With the growing popularity of technology, machines like Flightscope, Trackman, K-vest, and SAM PuttLab have taken the place of video as the tools of choice for the PGA Professional. The teaching pro is spending hours learning every detail of […]

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Welcome to GC3 Performance Consulting!

We hope you enjoy learning about our company via our new website. Stay tuned as we will be rolling out more sections in the weeks to come. Best, Greg – GC3

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